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Hanja Unit 3: Lessons 41 – 60

In Unit 1, you learned the most common Hanja characters. In Unit 2, they got a little bit more difficult and obscure. Here we go with Unit 3, and the next 100 characters!

At this stage, don’t feel like you need to memorize each character to help your Korean studies. In terms of Korean studying, just being generally aware of these characters will help you tremendously with memorizing new Korean words. The average Korean person under 30 probably wouldn’t know most of the characters introduced in this Unit. However, the average Korean person over 50 probably would!

Lesson 41
度, 等, 級, 階, 長
Lesson 42
健, 醫, 藥, 療, 檢

Lesson 43
費, 價, 元, 富, 錢