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Hanja Lesson 54: 害, 災, 傷, 破, 血

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In this lesson, you will learn five characters related to harm and injury.

害 = 해 = injure/harm/destroy
(Korean name: 해할 해)

害鳥 = harmful bird
害蟲 = harmful insect, pest
손害 = loss, injury
害독 = poison
상害 = injury
재害 = disaster
방害 = interference
피害 = damage
피害者 = victim


災 = 재 = disaster
(Korean name: 재앙 재)

This has always been my favorite Hanja character. The symbol for fire with those three cool arrows above it!

火災 = fire
災害 = disaster
災난 = misfortune
방災 = prevention of disasters


傷 = 상 = wound/injury
(Korean name: 다칠 상)

火傷 = a burn injury
傷害 = injury
傷처 = wound
동傷 = frostbite
부傷 = wound
부傷者 = wounded people
찰過傷 = abrasion

破 = 파 = destroy
(Korean name: 깨뜨릴 파)

破산 = bankruptcy
破괴 = destruction
破열 = rupture
破멸 = destruction


血 = 혈 = blood
(Korean name: 피 혈)

血壓 = blood pressure
流血 = bleeding, bloodshed
高血壓 = high blood pressure
低血壓 = low blood pressure
血관 = blood vessel
血액 = blood
血액형 = blood type
白血구 = white blood cell
적血구 = red blood cell
혼血 = half-blooded, mixed-race

You may have heard of the Harry Potter Book called The Half Blood Prince. In Korean this is called 혼血王子.