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Hanja Unit 2: Lessons 21 – 40

HanjaUnit2ThumbThe characters introduced in Unit 1 are, for all intents and purposes, characters that every Korean person is expected to be able to recognize and know how to replicate. However, the characters introduced in Unit 2 are more complex. Although most Korean people would be able to recognize most of the characters introduced in this Unit, some Korean people (especially the younger generation) would not be able to.

The difference is that native Korean speakers (just like native speakers of any language) can often guess the meaning of an unknown word based on feeling and context due to their exposure to the language. However, we are not native speakers. We need other tools to allow us to understand the meaning of unknown words because we have not been exposed to Korean since birth.

The following is 95 more characters (to bring us to an even 200) that will help you understand the roots of Korean words easier. I created this list based on my own experiences with studying Korean and Hanja, and their relationship with one-another.

Lesson 21
Direction 2
右, 左, 回, 向, 反
Lesson 22
工, 業, 務, 勤, 會
Lesson 23
者, 士, 自, 個, 主
Lesson 24
言, 語, 話, 談, 交
Lesson 25
行, 進, 通, 習, 動
Lesson 26
光, 明, 華, 電, 特
Lesson 27
物, 作, 料, 資, 製
Lesson 28
車, 路, 道, 驛
Lesson 29
敎, 育, 科, 講, 訓
Lesson 30
共, 團, 協, 政, 副
Lesson 31
Buy and Sell
店, 商, 換, 買, 賣
Lesson 32
平, 安, 和, 空, 園
Lesson 33
High, Low, Good, Bad
高, 最, 初, 惡, 低
Lesson 34
加, 減, 配, 記, 兩
Lesson 35
Ocean, Water
海, 島, 船, 雨, 浴
Lesson 36
原, 開, 創, 始
Lesson 37
完, 了, 末, 成
Lesson 38
域, 房, 點, 館, 所
Lesson 39
活, 住, 常, 毛, 事
Lesson 40
辛, 油, 肉
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