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Hanja Lesson 29: 敎, 育, 科, 講, 訓

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In this lesson, you will learn five characters related to school and teaching.


敎 = 교 = Teach
(Korean name:  가르칠 교)

In our Lesson 13 Hanja Lesson, you learned the character 校, which is also related to schools. To add to the confusion, the Korean pronunciation of both is “교”. 校 is more related to the school and school environment, whereas 敎 is more related to the education process from a teacher perspective.


Common Words using this Character
敎室 = classroom
敎師 = teacher
敎육  = education
敎과  = subject
敎직員 = teacher
敎수 = professor
종敎 = religion


育 = 육 = Educate, Raise
(Korean name:  기를 육)


Common Words using this Character
敎育 = education
體育 = physical education
보育 = childcare
育아 = infant care
훈育 = discipline


科 = 과 = Subject, Science
(Korean name:  과목 과)

This character can be found in words that relate to a certain subject. For example, the word “subject” (as it refers to a subject in a school) is 科목. Just the word “科” is often used as well. For example, this exchange would be common amongst Korean people:

Person 1: 저는 내年에 大學校에 갈 거예요 = I’m going to University next year
Person 2: 무슨 科? = What subject/field?
Person 1: 敎育科요 = (The Department/Field of) Education

As you can see in the response by Person 1 above, 科 is often found after a subject to indicate it as a “field of study.” For example, 數學 means “mathematics,” but 數學科 refers to mathematics as a field of study. Another good, and less obvious, example is 피부, which means “skin,” whereas 피부科 refers to the field of dermatology.


Common Words using this Character
外科 = surgery
外科의師 = surgeon
內科 = internal medicine (internal organs)
內科의師 = internal medicine doctor
치科 = dentistry
치科의師 = dentist
피부科 = dermatology
피부科의師 = dermatologist
敎科 = subject
科學 = science
敎育科 = the field of education
數學科 = the field of mathematics


講 = 강 = Explain, Lecture
(Korean name: 외울 강)


Common Words using this Character
講師 = lecturer
特講 = special lecture
講의 = lecture
講좌 = lecture, course
講당 = auditorium


訓 = 훈 = Train
(Korean name:  가르칠 훈)


Common Words using this Character:
訓育 = discipline
敎訓 = lesson (a moral)
訓련하다 = to train
訓련소 = training place/school
訓련生 = trainee
訓民正음 = document describing the 한글 form of writing

That’s it for this lesson!

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