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HowtoStudyKorean Store

In addition to our free lessons, we offer many additional study materials to help you along your Korean study journey. Here you can find a list of the different study material we have available.

You can purchase our content in “bulk” with our Basic, Advanced and Elite packages. Doing so allows you to get our resources at a massive (up to 45%) discount!

Workbooks are designed to be a supplement to our content – giving you practice on the grammar taught in each lesson. The Workbooks are full of grammar exercised to be used after reading individual lessons to help you practice and grasp what we teach.

Unit PDFs are organized PDFs of all 25 lessons in a Unit. They are designed to be used on-the-go when you don’t have internet, or printed so you can study without a computer.

Audio Packages contain every vocabulary audio file or example sentence audio file in a unit, downloadable in one click. They are designed to be used to put on your device to give you the opportunity to practice your listening anywhere.

Anki Packages use a popular flash card program called Anki to prompt you with various information to help you with memorization. They contain all vocabulary or example sentences in a unit, including their audio files.

Vocabulary Lists are our list of words in our lessons, but with all of the information you would need about that word. You can find this information “hidden” behind each vocabulary entry on our website by pressing the English word in the list of vocabulary. These are designed to give you a feel for how each word can be used.

Short Stories are purposefully written stories tailored to an intermediate Korean learner. They are designed to give a Unit 3 (or above) learner just the right amount of challenge to increase reading ability.

Some of our content is available in physical print and Kindle form on Amazon. We will be adding more and more of our content to this as time goes on.


Word Searches contain a word search for each lesson in a unit, where every word in a unit is searchable. They are designed to get you more familiar with recognizing the words you are learning.

Conjugation Tables contain a list of every word that can be conjugated (verbs and adjectives), and how they can be conjugated using the many possible additions taught throughout my lessons. They are designed to make you more familiar with the ways in which a word can change when conjugating to various forms.

Hanja Unit PDFs are organized PDFs of all 20 lessons in a Hanja Unit. They are designed to be used on-the-go when you don’t have internet, or printed so you can study without a computer.

Our Homeschool course is designed for parents or students looking for a homeschool curriculum. It is designed to walk the student through our lessons and materials while also providing parents with the general information they need about each lesson.