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Audio Packages

Between Unit 1 and Unit 6, there are 6230 example sentences and 4200 vocabulary words.

On our website, each one of these is linked to an audio file that allows you to hear the correct pronunciation of each word.

All of these audio files are available for download in packages.

Each package comes organized in 25 folders – one folder for each lesson. Within each folder, the audio files are numbered in the order in which they are presented in their respective lessons.

Also included with each is a PDF Directory, which you can use to look up a specific sentence or word. The Directory provides a transcript for each audio file in Korean (with an English translation), and is numbered in the same order that the audio files appear in the folders. Check the images below to see how the folders, audio files and Directory are organized. (The images show the organization of the Unit 1 Example Sentence package, but the Vocabulary Packages are organized the same way)





The files come organized in a “.zip” file. If you don’t know what that is, it basically just allows you to download a folder containing many files instead of just one file at a time.



Example Sentences

Unit 1 | 1200 Files

Unit 1 | 1050 Files

Unit 2 | 1200 Files

Unit 2 | 800 Files

Unit 3 | 1200 Files

Unit 3 | 625 Files

Unit 4 | 900 Files

Unit 4 | 600 Files

Unit 5 | 1000 Files

Unit 5 | 600 Files

Unit 6 | 730 Files

Unit 6 | 600 Files

After you pay, you will receive an e-mail with instructions to download the file. If you have any questions, never hesitate to contact me.

If you live in Korea, you could also send us the funds directly. If you prefer this, e-mail us at .

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