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Unit 6: Advanced Korean Grammar

OldmanWelcome to Unit 6 of I heard that you whippersnappers think you are good at Korean grammar! Hah! Wait till you have to deal with me. Back in my day, we had to study Korean until the cows came home! Where was I again? Oh yeah! You whippersnappers and your music!


Lessons 126 – 133: In the first eight lessons of Unit 6, you will start by learning ways to separate and segregate nouns and actions with ~별(로) and ~씩. Then, you will learn new twists to some common verbs – 놓다, 나다 and 넘다. Then, you will tackle two things that often confuse Korean people – the use of very large Korean numbers, and the use of a 사이시옷. Finally, you will wrap up this set of lessons by learning how ~ㄹ/을수록 and ~ㄹ/을 리가 없다 can be used in sentences.

Lessons 134 – 141: As you continue to progress through Unit 6, you will learn some peculiar Konglish words and some words that contain 성. After that, you will come across more ways that you can use ~아/어야 as it applies to ~았/었아야 하다 and ~았/었어도 되다. Finally, you will learn how to distinguish ~(으)로서 and ~(으)로써.
Lessons 142 – 150: In these lessons, you will learn a few more sentence endings (~ㄴ/는다니, ~ㄹ/을걸(요), ~지 뭐, ~곤 하다) and sentence connectors (~란, 느라고, ~는 바람에) to make your speaking sound even more natural. We’ll end Unit 6 with a couple of lessons on some fun and interesting Korean adverbs.
Unit 6 Test: Now that you are finished with Unit 6, why not taking our Unit 6 Test, where you can test how well you understood the concepts taught between Lessons 126 and 150!

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