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Hanja Unit 1: Lessons 1 – 20

HanjaLogoWelcome to the Hanja section of! Make no mistake about it – our website is dedicated to teaching you Korean. However even a small amount of studying Hanja can help one’s Korean studies tremendously. In our Hanja Lessons, you will gradually be introduced to the most common and important characters that can help you with your Korean studies.

Korean people, even those who claim to be “absolutely terrible in Hanja” are able to recognize about 100 basic characters. Because of this, these characters are often substituted for the Hangeul equivalents in various written forms of Korean (newspapers, books, signs, movie posters, TV drama names, etc…). This first Unit will introduce you to the first 105 Hanja characters that any learner of Korean should know.

Lesson 1
The First Five
大, 小, 中, 山, 門

Lesson 2
In and Out
入, 出, 口, 上, 下

Lesson 3
Days, Months, Year, Inside, Outside
日, 月, 年, 內, 外

Lesson 4
人, 子, 父, 母, 男, 女

Lesson 5
一, 二, 三, 四, 五, 六, 七, 八, 九, 十

Lesson 6
東, 西, 北, 南

Lesson 7
王, 天, 手, 字, 員

Lesson 8
漢, 國, 民, 美, 韓

Lesson 9
江, 水, 川, 冷, 本

Lesson 10
心, 身, 體, 感, 家

Lesson 11
名, 品, 金, 李, 正

Lesson 12
Yes, No, Use, Half
無, 不, 用, 半, 白

Lesson 13
學, 生, 校, 先, 師

Lesson 14
公, 市, 區, 洞, 合

Lesson 15
場, 室, 食, 地, 方

Lesson 16
時, 期, 間, 同, 百

Lesson 17
Part, Whole
部, 分, 多, 數, 全

Lesson 18
新, 現, 代, 文, 化

Lesson 19
力, 强, 弱, 火, 信

Lesson 20
土, 世, 木, 球, 立

Hanja Unit 1 Test
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