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Unit 4: Upper Intermediate Korean Grammar


Welcome to Unit 4 of! I’ve heard from the parents of one of my students that you are really starting to understand Korean grammar. Well, I’ve got news for you: you haven’t learned anything yet! In this fourth unit of, you will dig even deeper into the Korean language and learn some concepts that will really put your understanding to new limits.

Lessons76-83picLessons 76 – 83: In these lessons, you will start out by learning one of the most confusing Korean grammatical principles there is: the ~는데 principle. Following that, you will learn about: ~에 의하다 and ~(으)로 인하다, ~아/어서는 안 되다 and ~(으)면 안 되다, ~(으)니까, ~도록, and ~따라서. In addition to all of that, you will learn some difficult words that can’t be put into any particular lesson on their own.
Lessons8491picLessons 84 – 91: In these lessons, you will learn a variety of grammatical principles that you can use at the ends of sentences, or between two clauses. Specifically, you will learn about: ~자마자, ~는 대로, ~자, ~ㄹ/을 줄 알다/모르다, 하는 게 아니라, ~기로 하다, ~다가/았/었다가, 비교하다, ~잖다 and ~거든(요)
Lessons 92-100picLessons 92 – 100: In these Lessons you will continue along learning more common Korean grammatical principles. After finishing these nine lessons, you will have completed the first 100 Lessons here at HowtoStudyKorean! But you’re not there yet. First, you need to learn about: ~도록, ~지/죠, ~게 되다, 뿐 (and 뿐만 아니라), the difference between 갖다 and 가지다, ~하는 척하다, ~더라도 and ~ㄹ/을 텐데(요).
Unit 4 Test: Now that you are finished our first 100 Lessons, why not taking our Unit 4 Test, where you can test how well you understood the concepts taught between Lessons 76 and 100!

This Test is also available in Español


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