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Hanja Unit 4: Lessons 61 – 80

You now have 300 Hanja characters under your belt! You might not think that is a lot, but you would be surprised to see how much of a Hanja-written text you would understand with just this amount. Even if you were to find something written in traditional Chinese characters – although you wouldn’t understand the grammar – you would be able to recognize a great deal of the characters and maybe even understand a few words!

In Unit 4, you will learn 100 more characters. The characters are going to get more obscure and less common. However, I often find that these types of characters are the most helpful. I always had trouble memorizing difficult (uncommon) Korean words, mainly because I didn’t use them very often. However, by learning the Hanja characters that they were composed of, it allowed me to appreciate and grasp their meaning on a deeper level. I hope they help you too!

Lesson 61
筆, 紙, 寫, 錄, 表
Lesson 62
防, 保, 守, 護, 豫