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Hanja Lesson 61: 筆, 紙, 寫, 錄, 表

In this lesson, you will learn five characters related to writing and expressing oneself!


筆 = 필 = write
(Korean name: 붓 필)

筆名 = pseudonym
筆記者 = scribe
色연筆 = colored pencil
분筆 = chalk
筆통 = pencil case

紙 = 지 = paper
(Korean name: 종이 지)

白紙 = white paper
休紙 = toilet paper
韓紙 = Korean traditional paper
편紙 = letter
紙갑 = wallet
紙폐 = paper money/paper currency
벽紙 = wallpaper
新문紙 = newspaper
이面紙 = scrap paper, usually where one side has been used, but the other has not

寫 = 사 = write
(Korean name: 베낄 사)

복寫 = copy
묘寫 = depiction
寫진 = picture
청寫진 = blueprint

錄 = 록/녹 = record/register
(Korean name: 기록할 록/녹)

目錄 = list
記錄 = record
綠化 = video recording
錄음 = sound recording
등錄 = register

表 = 표 = show, express
(Korean name: 겉 표)

表現 = expression
發表 = announcement
表情 = facial expression
表明 = expression
表面 = surface
代表 = representation
代表者 = representative

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