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HowtoStudyKorean Homeschool Course

As a parent, you might be interested in using our lessons and resources as a homeschooling resource. Students do not need any Korean knowledge when they start, as the course starts from absolute beginner. We offer a Homeschool Package that includes a Parent Booklet and Student Booklet.

  • The Parent Booklet outlines the daily learning activities for a student, and provides guidance and solutions to exercises and tests. The entire parent booklet is 83 pages.
  • The Student Booklet is a step-by-step, day-by-day organization of lessons, Workbook exercises, word searches, tests, interactive YouTube video exercises and other content taken from our website. All of the content is original and organized into 180 “days” of lessons for a student to work through as if it were a year of school. The entire student booklet is 614 pages.

Click the two links above to get a feel for what each booklet contains.

You can purchase the Homeschool Package for $60 using the button below.

Throughout the Homeschool course, I suggest that students take notes on their Student Booklet while simultaneously reading the lessons online. This allows students to play audio files directly from our website and prevents them from having to play them from folders on a computer. However, if you would like to download all 3,000+ audio files (vocabulary and example sentence) that are presented in this course, you can add that option using the button below.

The Homeschool course currently lasts 180 days (one school year).