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Unit 1 Listening Practice

Getting a good grasp of Korean grammar from our Lessons? That’s great! Grammar is one thing, but you also need some listening practice. Use our nifty tool to practice listening to the Korean sentences you learned in our Lessons! You will be prompted with the audio files, and you will need to type in the appropriate Korean sentence.

As of November 29, 2015, I have this tool completed for all of the sentences in Unit 1. Over the past week, I have also added an audio file for every vocabulary word in Unit 1. In a few weeks, you’ll see this tool applied to Vocabulary as well.

Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4
Lesson 5
Lesson 6
Lesson 7
Lesson 8
Lesson 9
Lesson 10
Lesson 11
Lesson 12
Lesson 13
Lesson 14
Lesson 15
Lesson 16
Lesson 17
Lesson 18
Lesson 19
Lesson 20
Lesson 21
Lesson 22
Lesson 23
Lesson 24
Lesson 25

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