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Unit 1 Listening Practice: Lesson 3

You will be prompted with audio recordings that correspond to Korean example sentences from Lesson 3. Use your ears and distinguish what is being said in Korean. Type the Korean sentence in the box below to move on to the next audio file. You can also download all of audio for the example sentences in Unit 1.

Although you don’t know how to conjugate words yet, the dictionary form (i.e. not changing the word at all) of an adjective is an acceptable conjugation when it is used at the end of a sentence. Therefore, in this lesson, when a sentence ends with an adjective, you will hear this conjugation. However, you have not learned how to conjugate verbs yet. I have provided two possible conjugated examples (one informal, and one formal) for each sentence in Lesson 3 where the sentence ends in a verb. For Lesson 3, you can practice your listening with the informal conjugations of verbs. I realize this might be difficult, but I would rather you listen to something difficult than something incorrect.

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