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Hanja Lesson 62: 防, 保, 守, 護, 豫

This lesson is dedicated to my amazing fans at @BangtanAcademy_ for all of their support and motivation.

In this lesson, you will learn five characters relating to prevention and protection.


防 = 방 = Prevent
(Korean name: 막을 방)

國防 = national defense
防空 = air defense
防止 = prevention
防水 = waterproof
防災 = prevention against disasters
防火 = fire prevention
예防 = prevention
소防 = fire fighting
소防서 = fire station

保 = 보 = Protect
(Korean name: 지킬 보)

保健 = the preservation of health
保健所 = health center
保安 = security
保有 = possession
保育 = childcare
保관 = storage
保장 = guarantee
保존 = preservation
保험 = insurance
保호 = care
保호者 = guardian

守 = 수 = defend
(Korean name: 지킬 수)

保守 = conservatism
保守的 = conservative
준守 = abiding to something
守비 = defense
守칙 = regulation

護 = 호 = protect
(Korean name: 도울 호)

保護 = care
保護者 = guardian
護송 = an escort to protect something/someone during transport
간護 = nursing
간護師 = nurse
변護士 = lawyer


豫 = 예 = pre-, in advance
(Korean name: 미리 예)

豫防 = prevention
豫感 = some sort of feeling that you have in advance
豫買 = purchasing in advance
豫定 = schedule or plan
豫고 = some sort of notice or warning
豫상 = expectation
豫약 = reservation

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