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Hanja Unit 1 Test

Wow! You’ve made it through Unit 1 and your first 105 characters. Congratulations! Now it is time to put your knowledge to the test. Every character in Unit 1 can be found somewhere in this test – so I hope you were studying hard! If you forget something, don’t worry! You can always go back and review what you have forgotten! Either way, good luck on the test!

(The answers are at the bottom of the test)

1) Imagine you want to meet your friend in Namdaemun station. Namdaemun is the name of a major historical “gate” (or door) in Seoul, where the gate opens on the south side of the city. You want to meet him at exit 7. Unfortunately, there are no Korean signs and only Hanja signs! Which sign should you follow?

a) 東大門, 七 出口
b) 西大門, 九 出口
c) 南大門, 五 出口
d) 南大門, 七 入口
e) 南大門, 七 出口



2) You are traveling in America and you are looking for a Korean University (not a Korean language University, but just a general Korean University). Which of the following would be the correct name for this fictional Korean University in America?

a) 美國 大韓民國 大學校
b) 韓國 大韓民國 大學校
c) 中國 美國 大學校
d) 美國 大韓民國 中學校
e) 美國 中國 大學校



3) You are flying to Hong Kong and filling out the customs form. Which of the following would be the appropriate way for the custom form to ask for your date of birth in year/month/day form?

a) 國家 月/年/日
b) 中心 年/月/日
c) 生日 年/月/日
d) 生一 日/月/年
e) 生日 年/月/一



4) You go to the bank in Hong Kong and you want to deposit some money. Which button should you press?

a) 出金
b) 入出
c) 入口
d) 入金
e) 外金



5) You are walking in an office building in Korea looking for your friend’s office. The hallway has five doors, each with a different name written on the door in Hanja. You’re friend’s English name is Kang-hwa Lee. You’re not even sure how to spell it in Korean, but he has asked you to call him “firepower” in English because that’s what his name means in Korean. What door do you go into?

a) 李强火
b) 金弱火
c) 李强化
d) 李江火
e) 李强人



6) You are at a restaurant, and you want to order a plate of chicken. You know that you can’t eat a lot, so you only want to order a “half” plate. Which of the following should you point to on the menu:

a) 部
b) 中
c) 小
d) 半
e) 心



7) You live in Korea, and you hear about a bike trail system that connects the four major rivers in Korea. Choose the most appropriate Hanja name for this bike trail?

a) 五大水
b) 本水江
c) 四大水
d) 三大川
e) 四大江



8) You told your friend that you want to meet him at the Gangnam Market. Which of the following signs would you follow to get to this market?

a) 江南時場
b) 江南市場
c) 江北市場
d) 江男市場
e) 水男市場



9) Your friend has a list of English school subjects and their corresponding Hanja equivalents. Unfortunately, he has mixed them up and they are all out of order. Match the school subjects written in Hanja with the school subjects written in English (Note: Two of these characters have not been introduced yet, but you should still be able to solve this problem with your knowledge of the other characters):

Subjects written in Hanja:
a) 數學
b) 中國文化
c) 漢字
d) 地學
e) 日本語
f) 體育

Subjects written in English:
u) Japanese (language)
v) Chinese Culture
w) Geology/Geoscience
x) Physical Education
y) Hanja
z) Mathematics



10) There is a fairly difficult word that you probably haven’t come across in your Korean studies yet (unless your Korean is very good). However, the moment you see the Hanja characters for this word, you should be able to understand its meaning (and thus, be able to remember it easily in Korean). The definition of the word in English is “a public figure” or “a public person.” Which of the following do you think is the correct Hanja (or Korean) word for this English word?

a) 公人
b) 人王
c) 員師
d) 合員
e) 洞子


11) Put the days of the week into the correct order (from Sunday to Saturday). You haven’t learned the middle character “曜” (요) yet, but you don’t need to know this character to solve this problem because it is common to all words.




12) You are traveling to Singapore with your younger sister and on the customs form you need to indicate her relationship to you. Which of the following would you write?

a) 父母
b) 男同生
c) 女同生
d) 男女
e) 女家



13) You are in the business of manufacturing food products in Korea, and go to Hong Kong for a conference about managing your workplace. At the conference, you fill out a survey asking what type of business you are in. Which of the following should you select?

a) 體品
b) 冷品
c) 全品
d) 正品
e) 食品



14) Match the individual characters with the meanings listed below:

a) 名
b) 白
c) 信
d) 先
e) 感
f) 多

u) Many
v) White
w) First
x) Name
y) Emotions
z) Trust



15) Which of the following is not a number:

a) 八
b) 九
c) 四
d) 百
e) 立
f) 十
g) 六



16) Which of the following words would refer to one’s physical power or strength?

a) 體身
b) 身手
c) 心身
d) 體力
e) 體弱



17) Which of the following words would refer to the inside (as in, the inside of a building or room)?

a) 場室
b) 場外
c) 室內
d) 方內
e) 品內



18) Which of the following words means “time?”

a) 時品
b) 時間
c) 期分
d) 現代
e) 天時



19) Which of the following words means “underground.”

a) 天下
b) 地下
c) 方上
d) 地不
e) 球下



20) Which of the following words would refer to the outer part of an object?

a) 外部
b) 全部
c) 用部
d) 內部
e) 一部





1) e
2) a
3) c
4) d
5) a
6) d
7) e
8) b
9) a-z, b-v, c-y, d-w, e-u, f-x
10) a
11) 日曜日, 月曜日, 火曜日, 水曜日, 木曜日, 金曜日, 土曜日
12) c
13) e
14) a-x, b-v, c-z, d-w, e-y, f-u
15) e
16) d
17) c
18) b
19) b
20) a


All finished with Unit 1? Try moving on to Unit 2 to learn more complex Hanja Characters!

Test too hard, you can always go back to check on any characters you learned in Unit 1.