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Hanja Lesson 28: 車, 路, 道, 驛

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In this lesson, you will learn four characters relating to transportation. I typically introduce five characters in a lesson, but in Unit 1 I introduced exactly 105 characters. I want Unit 2 to have exactly 95 characters to get you to an even 200 by Lesson 40.


車 = 차 = Car
(Korean name:  수레 차)


Common Words using this Character:
車 = a car
주車 = parking
주車場 = parking lot
승用車 = car
車도 = a road
車량 = a vehicle
自동車 = automobile
세車 = car-washing
기車 train (usually a long-distance train)
열車 = train (usually a subway train)


路 = 로 = Road, Path
(Korean name: 길 로)


Common Words using this Character:
도路 = road
미路 = maze
進路 = a course one takes
通路 = passage
활주路 = runway
고속도路 = highway
종路 = the name of a major street in Seoul
산책路 = walking path

I talk about the usage of 路 in this YouTube Video.


道 = 도 = Road, Path
(Korean name: 길 도)

In addition to meaning “road,” this character is also used to denote a province in Korea.


Common Words using this Character:
車道 = road
人道 = sidewalk
水道 = pipes to deliver water
道路 = road
고속道路 = highway
복道 = hallway
道구 = tool

Here are the names of the Korean provinces:

江원道 = Gangwon Province
경기道 = Gyeongi Province
全라北道 = North Jeola Province
全라南道 = South Jeola Province
충청北道 = North Chungcheong Province
충청南道 = South Chungcheong Province
경상北道 = North Gyeongsang Province
경상南道 = South Gyeongsang Province
제주道 = Jeju


驛 = 역 = Station
(Korean name: 역 역)

There are a lot of strokes in this one. Probably one of the most complex characters you have learned so far. This character is used to denote a subway or train station.


Common Words using this Character:
驛務室 = station office
기車驛 = train station
江南驛 = Gangnam Station
서울驛 = Seoul Station
明洞驛 = Myeongdong Station
南大門驛 = Namdaemun Station
西大門驛 = Seodaemun Station
光化門驛  = Gwanghwamun Station
東大門驛 = Dongdaemun Station
東大門역사文化공원驛 = Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station

That’s it for this lesson!

Okay, I got it! Take me to the next lesson!
Click here for a PDF copy of all our Hanja lessons.

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