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Hanja Lesson 25: 行, 進, 通, 習, 動

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In this lesson, you will learn five characters that relate to movement and progression.


行 = 행 = Move, Circulation, Travel
(Korean name:  다닐 행)

If you ever travel to China, you will see this character all the time because of its use in the word 行人. This word is used to designate that pedestrians are to use some portion of a walkway/road.

Lesson25pic1Common Words using this Character
行人 = pedestrian
비行기 = airplane
여行 = travel
유行 = trend
은行 = bank
진行 = progress
行동 = action
行위 = action
行진하다 = to march

I talk about the usage of 행 in this YouTube Video


進 = 진 = Advance, Progress
(Korean name:  나아갈 진)


Common Words using this Character
進行 = progress
行進하다 = to march
先進 = advancement
先進國 = developed/advanced country
進路 = a course one takes
승進 = promotion
進出하다 = to enter into something


通 = 통 = Pass, Go Through
(Korean name:  통할 통)

You can find more about how this word is used in Korean in our Korean Lesson 70.


Common Words using this Character
交通 = traffic, transportation
大중交通 = mass transportation
通話하다 = to talk on the phone
通信 = communication
通하다 = to pass through
유通 = distribution
通역 = interpretation
通과하다 = to pass through
보通 = usually

I talk about the usage of 통 in this YouTube Video


習 = 습 = Practice, Repeat
(Korean name: 이길 습)


Common Words using this Character
自習 = self-study
복習 = review
習관 = habit
연習 = practice
실習 = practical training
풍習 = custom


動 = 동 = Movement, Action
(Korean name:  움직일 동)


Common Words using this Character:
行動 = action
感動 = impression
自動 = automatic
自動차 = automobile
진動 = vibration
動기 = motive
動물 = animal
활動 = activity
노動 = labor
노動者 = laborer
動작 = motion
부動산 = real estate agent
운動 = exercise
운動場 = exercise yard
動사 = verb

That’s it for this lesson!

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Click here for a PDF copy of all our Hanja lessons.

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