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Hanja Unit 2 Test

Wow! Another 95 characters! Now you know a total of 200 Hanja characters. Congratulations! Now it is time to put your knowledge to the test. Almost every character in Unit 2 can be found somewhere in this test – so I hope you were studying hard!

(The answers are at the bottom of the test)



1) Imagine you are in a hotel. Which of the following would you most likely see on a razor?

a) 日光浴
b) 浴室
c) 一回用品
d) 日記
e) 副作用


2) You want to meet an old friend that you don’t often anymore. Which of the following is not a plausible time to meet:

a) 年末
b) 點心時間
c) 八月初
d) 平常時


3) You are an some kind of educational square and you are surrounded by schools. You need to find the high school. Which one do you choose?

a) 高等學校
b) 初等學校
c) 學園
d) 大學校


4) Which of the following words would have the meaning of “progress” in English?

a) 方向
b) 會話
c) 學士
d) 進行
e) 行政


5) At school today, your entire class will go on a 10 km walk for charity. You plan on meeting your friend. Which of the following is not a plausible place to meet your friend on the day of a walking tour?

a) 體育館
b) 始作點
c) 中間地點
d) 韓半島


6) You just realized that Shanghai means “above the sea.” Which of the following do you think is the correct way to refer to Shanghai in Chinese?

a) 常雨
b) 上海
c) 商海
d) 常浴


7) What is the word used to refer to the people who are the first to live in an area?

a) 事業者
b) 原住民
c) 住所
d) 船員


8) Which of the following is not a place where people usually work:

a) 工場
b) 事務所
c) 敎育科
d) 工業團地


9) Which of the following words would have the meaning of “exchange” in English?

a) 電話
b) 特講
c) 訓育
d) 交換
e) 和合


10) You now know how to recognize the Hanja characters for some of the major attractions in Seoul. Match the following Hanja characters with the correct attraction:

W) Myeong Dong Station
X) Han River Park
Y) Gwanghwamun
Z) Anguk Dong

a) 漢江公園
b) 光化門
c) 安國洞
d) 明洞驛


11) Imagine you are at an amusement park. Which of the following words do you think would be used to represent the opening hours of the park?

a) 開場時間
b) 創勤時間
c) 開通時間
d) 完全時間


12) Which of the following is not a profession?

c) 敎師
d) 事業者


13) Match the ideologies with their correct English translation. You haven’t learned the character “義” yet, but this is common to every word and its Korean pronunciation is “의.” You also haven’t learned the character “産”,” which you can see in choice b. I don’t think you would need this to solve this problem.

W) Individualism
X) Democracy
Y) Communism
Z) Humanism

a) 個人主義
b) 共産主義
c) 民主主義
d) 人本主義


14) Which of the following words would have the meaning of “the worst” in English?

a) 空間
b) 最惡
c) 合成
d) 域外
e) 活動


15) You are in a hostel in Taipei. The hostel has a kitchen, so you want to make yourself some eggs in the morning. You look in the cabinet for some oil that can be used for cooking. Which bottle would you choose?

a) 商店
b) 食肉
c) 食用油
d) 動物


16) Meiosis is a type of cellular division. You have learned about Meiosis before in high school. You remember that the purpose/result of Meiosis is that, when cells divide, the number of chromosomes is decreased (by half). Which of the following do you think is the correct word for Meiosis:

(The final character 裂 (열) is common to all words. You don’t need to know this character to solve this problem)

a) 加數分裂
b) 減數分裂
c) 加兩分裂
d) 感記分裂


17) Match the Hanja characters with their correct meaning:

U) Left
V) Right
W) Buy
X) Sell
Y) Start
Z) Finish

a) 買
b) 左
c) 了
d) 右
e) 賣
d) 始


18) You are in a subway station in Seoul. You see an office where people working in the subway station perform their daily tasks. What sign would you most likely see on the door?

a) 船室
b) 交通室
c) 自動車館
d) 驛務室


19) You are giving out free brochures to your event in Hong Kong. You want the public to know that the brochures are free. What would you write on the box holding the brochures?

a) 無料
b) 育料
c) 資料
d) 協力


20) I riding the shuttle train at Incheon International Airport in Korea. On the train, the following is written in Chinese/Hanja:


What is this sign trying to say?

a) Hold something while the train is moving
b) Get off on the left
c) Make sure to bring your belongings
d) These seats are for the weak

You can find the answers below!



1) c
2) d
3) a
4) d
5) d
6) b
7) b
8) c
9) d
10) W-d, X-a, Y-b, Z-c
11) a
12) b
13) W-a, X-c, Y-b, Z-d
14) b
15) c
16) b
17) U-b, V-d, W-a, X-e, Y-d, Z-c
18) d
19) a
20) d


That’s the end of Unit 2! I’m not sure when I’ll start uploading Lessons in Unit 3. For now, why don’t you start studying some more Korean?

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