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Hanja Lesson 45: 千, 萬, 億, 番, 號

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In this lesson, you will learn two characters relating to numbers, and three actual numbers! Not the small numbers you learned in Lesson 5. Big Numbers.

千 = 천 = Thousand
(Korean name: 일천 천)

數千 = thousands

萬 = 만 = Ten thousand
(Korean name: 일 만 만)

數萬 = tens of thousands
萬一 = if
萬華경 = kaleidoscope
萬약 = if
萬세 = Korean people scream this to mean something like “Hurray!” or “Long Live ____!”

億 = 억 = One hundred million
(Korean name: 억 억)

數億 = hundreds of millions

番 = 번 = turn, repetition
(Korea name: 차례 번)

番 = a counter for measuring actions
= student number
호 = license plate number
番호 = number
매番 = every time
電話番호 = phone number

號 = 호 = sign, symbol, number
(Korean name: 이름 호)

番號 = number
號室 = room number (in an apartment or hotel)
商號 =  the name of a company
信號 =  signal
番號 = license plate number
電話番號 = phone number
암號 = password, code


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