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Hanja Lesson 50: 鳥, 魚, 犬, 猫, 蟲

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In this lesson, you will learn five characters relating to animals. In this lesson, there aren’t a lot of words where these characters are used, but these characters on their own are often used to refer to the animals they represent.

鳥 = 조 = bird
(Korean name: 새 조)

白鳥 = swan
一석二鳥 = to kill two birds with one stone
타鳥 = ostrich
鳥류 = referring to birds as a type of animal. For example, to denote the “bird” section of the zoo, they might have that section called “鳥류”

There aren’t a ton of common words that 鳥 is used in. As I mentioned in the introduction of this lesson, 鳥 is often used just to designate that something is a bird just by using the character itself. That being said, even though these words aren’t very common, you should be able to understand their meanings very simply:


魚 = 어 = fish
(Korean name: 물고기 어)

魚油 = fish oil
魚市場 = seafood market
魚류 = referring to fish as a type of animal

犬 = 견 = dog
(Korean name: 개 견)

愛완犬 = a pet dog
광犬병 = rabies

猫 = 묘 (cat)
(Korean name: 고양이 묘)

愛猫 = pet cat
愛猫人 = a cat person, cat lover
家猫 = house cat

蟲 = 충 = insects
(Korean name: 벌레 충)

蟲치 = cavity (in teeth)
해蟲 = pest (a harmful insect)
곤蟲류 = referring to insects as a type of animal
살蟲제 = pesticide