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Hanja Unit 3 Test

Click here for a PDF copy of all our Hanja lessons.

Nice job! You have another 100 Hanja characters under your belt, for a total of 300! Congratulations! Now it is time to put your knowledge to the test. Every character in Unit 3 can be found somewhere in this test – so I hope you were studying hard!

(The answers are at the bottom of the test)

1) You are looking for a specific road, but you don’t know what it is called. You know there is an agriculture and fisheries market on that road. You reach a four-way intersection, and each road has a different name. Which road do you take?

a) 農菜産市場路
b) 元菜産市場路
c) 農水産市場路
d) 農水元市場路
e) 農水蟲市場路



2) You are looking for a baseball Stadium in the Mokdong area of Seoul. Which one would be the correct sign?

a) 木洞風球場
b) 木洞退球場
c) 木洞溫球場
d) 木洞問球場
e) 木洞野球場



3) You move to a small village on the north side of Jeju. You are looking for an elementary school to send your five year old daughter. Which one most likely represents an elementary school in a small village in this area (all of this information is actually true, including the answer!)

a) 北級初階學校
b) 北村初等學校
c) 北村初階學校
d) 北番初等學校



4) Choose the letters that do not refer to a job or profession:

a) 會長
b) 船長
c) 副會長
d) 健全
e) 校長
f) 醫師
g) 元素
h) 最低價
i) 戰士
j) 市長
k) 部長
l) 擔任先生
m) 富者
n) 院長
o) 檢事



5) The following are all fields of study that you learned about in Unit 3. What are they?




6) What would the following number be?

You might need to learn about big Korean numbers (intrdocuted in Korean Lesson 130).




7) In Hanja Lesson 47, you learned about the character 的. Define the following words created from characters introduced in lessons after Lesson 47:




8) Which of the following Hanja characters are not 정?

a) 情
b) 軍
c) 比
d) 定
e) 率
f) 靜
g) 停
h) 可



9) Choose the letters that do not refer to a place or location:

a) 法院
b) 銀行
c) 任務
d) 休止
e) 職場
f) 魚市場
g) 選好

10) Which of the following would you not go to the hospital/doctor for?

a) 高血壓
b) 白鳥
c) 感氣
d) 後退
e) 火傷
f) 流血
g) 食中毒
h) 鬪爭
i) 醫療



11) Which element has the highest number of protons?

You might need to refer to the Periodic Table.

a) 水素
b) 炭素
c) 鐵
d) 銅
e) 重水素



12) Which of the following would refer to a “considerable amount of criminals?”

a) 相當數의 犯罪者
b) 相當數의 害罪者
c) 相當數의 犯災者
d) 計當數의 破罪者
e) 相過數의 犯罪者



13) Which of the following would refer to the “reduction of speed?”

a) 速量減少
b) 容量減少
c) 速度減少
d) 速度減決



14) Which of the following would indicate that a program on TV you are watching is a live broadcast?

a) 生放送
b) 性放送
c) 生愛關
d) 性放關



15) Which of the following would refer to an octagon?

a) 八戰鬪
b) 八犬猫
c) 色面角
d) 八角形
e) 模色角



16) Which of the following would refer to expenses that one has for riding/taking transportation

a) 急通費
b) 交通費
c) 通限費
d) 交通元
e) 交通廢



17) Order these characters from least amount of strokes to most:

a) 止
b) 休
c) 亡
d) 可



18) A friend is arguing with another friend that Hanja helps you learn Korean. You agree with the first friend that it is helpful. As you agree, you use the word 同意 to not only agree, but to make your point. What do you say?



1) c
2) e
3) b
4) d, g, h, m
5) pharmacy, medicine, law, thermodynamics, agriculture
6) 130,009,199
7) illegal, explosive, ambitious, sympathetic
8) b, c, e, h
9) c, d, g
10) b, d, h
11) d
12) a
13) c
14) a
15) d
16) b
17) c, a, d, b
18) 동 means similar, 의 means opinion. Similar opinion means that you agree.