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Hanja Lesson 57: 色, 形, 角, 面, 模

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In this lesson, you will learn five characters related to the shape and features of objects.


色 = 색 = color
(Korean name: 빛 색)

色相 = color
特色 = distinct characteristics
色素 = pigment

The names of colors in Korean end in 色. Most of the Hanja colors can be represented by one character, followed by 色. I don’t usually show you Hanja characters that have not been introduced in a previous Hanja lesson. However, just this one time, in the cases of the words below, the character before 色 simply refers to the color specified:

白色 = white
赤色 = red
灰色 = gray
褐色 = brown
綠色 = green

Most other colors in Korean are from non-Hanja words. Specifically, if the word is created from an adjective followed by ~ㄴ/은 followed by ~색, it is most definitely a pure-Korean word. For example:

노랗다 = to be yellow
노란色 = the color yellow

발깧다 = to be red
발깐色 = the color red

파랗다 = to be blue
파란色 = the color blue

形 = 형 = shape, form
(Korean name: 모양 형)

人形 = doll
形식 = form
도形 = model
形태 = shape, form
三각形 = shape with three angles, a triangle
四각形 = shape with four angles, a quadrilateral
五각形 = pentagon
六각形 = hexagon

角 = 각 = angle
(Korean name: 뿔 각)

角度 = the measure of an angle
內角 = interior angle
外角 = exterior angle
三角形 = shape with three angles, a triangle
四角形 = shape with four angles, a quadrilateral
五角形 = pentagon
六角形 = hexagon
多角形 = polygon
角기둥 = prism

面 = 면 = surface
(Korean name: 낯 면)

外面 = the exterior of something
面談 = face-to-face talking
方面 = direction
場面 = scene
地面 = ground surface
海面 = sea level
화面 = screen
面적 = area
面접 = job interview
표面 = surface

模 = 모 = model, standard
(Korean name: 본뜰 모)

模形 = replica, scale model
模양 = shape
模방 = imitation
模범 = model, perfect, exemplar
模범生 = model student
大규模 = large scale
小규模 = small scale