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Hanja Lesson 59: 休, 止, 廢, 靜, 停

In this lesson, you will learn five characters related to resting and stopping.


休 = 휴 = rest
(Korean name: 쉴 휴)

休業 = for a business to not be open
休日 = holiday
公休日 = public holiday
休지 = rest
休지 = tissue paper
休식 = break, rest
休가 = break, rest
休게 = break, rest
休전 = truce (in war)

止 = 지 = stop
(Korean name: 그칠 지)

休止 = rest
방止 = prevention
정止 = stopping
금止 = prohibiting a certain action (things like smoking, drinking, etc)
폐止 = stop, discontinue

廢 = 폐 = terminate
(Korean name: 폐할 폐)

廢物 = garbage, something to throw out
廢기 – throwing out
廢기物 = garbage, something to throw out
廢止 = stop, discontinue

靜 = 정 = quiet, still
(Korean name: 고요할 정)

冷靜 = being or acting “cool” when something is bothering somebody
安靜 = stability
靜電기 = static electricity
진靜 = calm
靜맥 = vein

停 = 정 = stop
(Korean name: 머무를 정)

停止 = stopping
停류場 = bus stop