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Hanja Lesson 46: 速, 急, 限, 流, 率

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In this lesson, you will learn five characters relating to speed and movement!


速 = 속 = speed, quick, prompt
(Korean name: 빠를 속)

速度 = speed
加速 = acceleration
減速 = deceleration
高速 = high speed
高速道路 = highway, expressway
급速히 = rapidly
과速 = speeding (to be going over the speed limit)

急 = 급 = fast, urgent
(Korean name: 급할 급)

急速히 = rapidly
긴急 = emergency
急하다 = to be urgent
急류 = rapids
구急車 = ambulance

限 = 한 = limit
(Korean name: 한할 한)

期限 = time limit
最大限 = maximum, most
最小限 = minimum, least
限계 = limit
제限 = limit
無제限 = no limits

流 = 유/류 = circulate, flow
(Korean name: 흐를 유/류)

流通 = circulation, distribution
交流 = exchange
流出 = spillage, leakage
急流 = rapids
流行 = popularity
電流 = (current) electricity

率 = 율/률 = rate, ratio
(Korean name: 비율 율/률)

成長率 = growth rate
換率 = (currency) exchange rate
비率 = rate, ratio
확率 = probability, chance, likelihood
증加率 = rate of increase
出산率 = birth rate
비만率 = obesity rate
사망率 = death rate

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