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Hanja Lesson 55: 罪, 犯, 毒, 法, 暴

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In this lesson, you will learn five characters related to crime.


罪 = 죄 = crime, evil
(Korean name: 허물 죄)

無罪 = innocent
罪人 = criminal
重罪 = a serious crime
罪惡 = sin
罪송 = being sorry
범罪 = crime
범罪者 = criminal


犯 = 범 = crime
(Korean name: 범할 범)

犯罪 = crime
犯罪者 = criminal
共犯者 = a person who commits a crime with somebody else (accomplice)

By placing 범 after a type of crime, you can usually indicate the type of criminal that a person is. For example:

放火犯 = arsonist
強力犯 = violent offender
살人犯 = murderer
폭行犯 = assailant (attacker)
유괴犯 = kidnapper
공갈犯 = blackmailer
사기犯 = fraudster
테러犯 = terrorist

毒 = 독 = poison
(Korean name: 독 독)

毒感 = the flu
毒性 = toxicity
害毒 = poison
食中毒 = food poisoning
소毒 = to disinfect


法 = 법 = law
(Korean name: 법 법)

不法 = illegal
合法 = legal
文法 = grammar
民法 = civil law
公法 = public law
商法 = commercial law
法院 = court of law
法學 = law as a field of study
方法 = way
마法 = magic
法칙 = rule


暴 = 폭 = violence
(Korean name: 사나울 폭)

暴發 = explosion
暴動 = riot
暴風 = strong winds
暴力 = violence
暴力的 = violent
暴行 = assault
暴行犯 = assailant (attacker)

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