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Hanja Lesson 42: 健, 醫, 藥, 療, 檢

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In this lesson, you will learn five Hanja characters related to health or protecting it!

健 = 건 = Health
(Korean name: 굳셀 건)

健全 = wholesome
健강 = health
보健 = the preservation of health
보健所 = health center
世계보健기구 = World Health Organization

醫 = 의 = Doctor/Medicine
(Korean name: 의원 의)

How’s that for a character! Only 18 strokes!

醫師 = doctor
醫員 = doctor
醫科大學 = medical college
韓醫원 = Korean traditional doctor
醫學 = the field of medicine
醫약 = pharmaceutical
醫약品 = medicine
의료 = medical treatment

藥 = 약 = Medicine
(Korean name: 약 약)

19 Strokes!

藥 = medicine
醫藥 = pharmaceutical
醫藥品 = medicine
藥學 = pharmacy as a field of study
火藥 = gunpowder
마藥 = (illegal) drugs
藥국 = pharmacy
치藥 = toothpaste
알藥 = pill

療 = 료/요 = Treatment/Cure
(Korean name: 고칠 료/요)

醫療 = medical treatment
醫療비 = the cost of medical treatment
치療 = treatment
진療 = treatment
療법 = therapy
療양원 = nursing home

檢 = 검 = Examine
(Korean name: 검사할 검)

檢事 = district attorney
檢사 = check up
檢색 = search
檢역 = quarantine
점檢 = inspection
檢토 = review, examination

That’s it for this lesson!

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