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Lessons 17 – 25 Mini Test

You’ve made it through Lessons 17 – 25! Congratulations! Try writing this Mini-Test before you move on to the Unit Test.

If you forget something, don’t worry! You can always go back and review what you have forgotten! Either way, good luck on the test!

This Mini-Test is also available in Русский, Español, Français, Português, Deutsch and العربية

(The answers are at the bottom of the page)


1) Choose the incorrect usage of the connecting particle ~고:

a) 저는 아름답고 밥을 먹었어요
b) 그녀는 예쁘고 키가 커요
c) 저는 이것을 하고 갈 거예요
d) 저는 그것을 좋아하고 이것을 싫어해요


2) Which of the following means “I want to drive that car?”

a) 저는 그 차를 원해요
b) 저는 운전하고 싶어요
c) 저는 그 차를 운전했어요
d) 저는 그 차를 운전하고 싶어요


3) Choose the incorrect sentence:

a) 저는 집에 가고 있어요
b) 저는 차를 운전하고 있어요
c) 저는 학교에 서고 있어요
d) 저는 밥을 먹고 있어요


4) Choose the incorrect sentence:

a) 저는 날씨를 추워졌어요
b) 날씨가 추워졌어요
c) 날씨가 더워지고 있어요
d) 저는 더운 날씨가 싫어요


5) Which is the biggest thing:

강아지는 고양이랑 쥐보다 더 커요

a) puppy/dog
b) mouse
c) cat
d) lion


6) What are you good at?:

수영을 못해
공부를 잘하지 않아
한국어를 잘해

a) speaking Korean
b) studying
c) swimming
d) nothing


7)Finish the conversation:

– 누구랑 먹었어?
– __________

a) 네, 먹었어
b) 점심을 먹었어
c) 엄마와 먹었어
d) 먹고 싶어


8) Which one does not fit with the rest?

a) 뭐 했어?
b) 무엇을 했어
c) 어떤 것을 했어?
d) 왜 했어?


9) Choose the incorrect sentence:

a) 몇 돈이 있어요?
b) 몇 잔 마셨어요?
c) 여기에 얼마나 자주 와요?
d) 이 탁자는 얼마예요?


10) When will you eat dinner?

엄마가 온 후에 저는 저녁식사를 먹을 거예요

a) Before mom comes
b) After mom comes
c) I’m not going to eat
d) After mom eats


11) Choose the incorrect sentence:

a) 아무도 그렇게 해요
b) 아무도 그렇게 하지 않아요
c) 아무것도 안 먹었어요
d) 아무데도 가지 않았어요




1) A
2) D
3) C
4) A
5) A
6) A
7) C
8) D
9) A
10) B
11) A


Test too hard? Try going back to what you learned in Lessons 17 – 25 to figure out what went wrong.

Or you can try our Unit 1 test which will test you on all the content taught in Unit 1.

I highly suggest you take the Unit 1 Test before you move on to Unit 2, but if you really want to move to Unit 2, you can go there directly by clicking here.
Or, want to head straight to our next lesson? Check out Lesson 26 in Unit 2.