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Lessons 67 – 75 Mini-Test

This Mini-Test is also available in Español

All finished Lessons 67 – 75? Now it is time to test yourself on what you learned in those lessons! Before moving on to our next set of lessons, try to make sure you can understand all the concepts covered here. Good luck!

The answers are at the bottom of the test!



1) Choose the incorrect sentence:

a) 저는 형처럼 밥을 많이 먹어요
b) 저는 형이 먹처럼 많이 먹어요
c) 저는 형과 같이 많이 먹을 수 있어요
d) 마치 저는 형처럼 많이 먹을 수 있어요




2) Choose the correct translation for the following sentence:

저는 우리 학교에 있는 학생들 중에 한국어를 할 수 있는 유일한 사람이에요

a) Of all the students at our school, I am the only person who can speak Korean
b) Of all the students at our school, I am the only person who can speak like a Korean
c) Of all the students at our school, I am the only Korean person
d) Of all the students at our school, none of them can speak Korean



3) Choose the correct grammatical principle to fill in the blank below:

제가 밥을 얼마나 많이 먹은 _____________더 먹고 싶어요

a) 것처럼
b) 지와 상관없이
c) 정도
d) 밖에 없이
4) Choose the only grammatical principle that cannot be placed in the blank below:

저는 교감선생님_______ 한국어를 배웠어요

a) 한테서
b) 을 통해
c) 과 함께
d) 에




5) How many people are going on trip?

나와 나의 동생을 포함해서 여섯 명이 여행할 거야

a) 4 people
b) 5 people
c) 6 people
d) 7 people



6) Fill in the blank with the correct grammatical principle:

우리가 돈이 없어서 유일하게 살 수 있는 것은 라면__________

a) 일 수 없다
b) 일 만큼 합니다
c) 밖에 없어요
d) 이자고 합니다



7) How much longer does the person need to wait for his friend?

야! 언제 도착할 거야?
30분 정도 걸릴 거야.

a) exactly 30 minutes
b) about 30 minutes
c) under 30 minutes
d) over 30 minutes



8) Choose the correct sentence:

a) 밥을 먹는 것 대신에 빵을 먹자!
b) 밥을 먹은 것 대신에 빵을 먹었어.
c) 밥을 먹을 것 대신에 빵을 먹자!
d) 밥을 먹었던 것 대신에 빵을 먹었어.


Scroll down to see the answers!


1)      b
2)      a
3)      b
4)      d
5)      c
6)      c
7)      b
8)      a


Test too hard? Try going back to what you learned in Lessons 67 – 75 to better understand the questions you couldn’t get correct.

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Or, if you are ready to move on, you can start checking out Lessons in Unit 4. Specifically, you can move on to the Lessons 76 – 83, or go directly to Lesson 76.

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