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Lessons 34 – 41 Mini-Test

This Mini-Test is also available in Español, Русский, Deutsch and العربية

All finished Lessons 34 – 41? Now it is time to test yourself on what you learned in those lessons! Before moving on to our next set of lessons, try to make sure you can understand all the concepts covered here. Good luck!

The answers are at the bottom of the test!


1) Which of the following is incorrect:

a) 운동을 하지 않아서 살이 쪘어요
b) 저의 여자 친구는 그 여자보다 훨씬 예뻐요
c) 일단 밥을 먹은 후에 나갈 거예요
d) 저는 한국을 별로 좋아해요



2) Which of the following explains that you will eat dinner tonight, with no doubt implied:

a) 저는 저녁식사를 먹을지 몰라요
b) 저는 저녁식사를 먹을 거예요
c) 저는 저녁식사를 먹었을 것 같아요
d) 저는 저녁식사를 먹을 것 같아요



3) Which of the following describes that you look tired?

a) 피곤해 보인다
b) 피곤할 것 같다
c) 피곤해 같이 보인다
d) 피곤할 보인다



4) Which is the best translation of the following sentence:

제가 많이 먹어서 지금 운동하고 싶지 않아요

a) Because I exercised, I don’t want to eat a lot
b) Even though I exercised, I want to eat a lot
c) Even though I ate a lot, I want to exercise
d) Because I ate a lot, I don’t want to exercise



5) Which of the following bold areas is conjugated incorrectly:

a) 제가 서울에 곧 가기 때문에 지금 너무 기대돼요
b) 제가 서울에 곧 것이기 때문에 지금 너무 기대돼요
c) 제가 서울에 곧 때문에 지금 너무 기대돼요
d) 제가 서울에 곧 거라서 지금 너무 기대돼요



6) Which of the following should you not say to your boss”

a) 부장님! 밥을 드셨어요?
b) 부장님! 잘 주무셨어요?
c) 부장님! 언제 가실 거예요?
d) 부장님! 밥을 먹으시고 싶어요?




7) Choose the incorrect sentence based on honorifics:

a) 아들! 빨리 와!
b) 할아버지! 많이 잡수십시오!
c) 교수님! 다시 한 번 설명해라!
d) 오빠! 그것을 주세요!






1) d
2) b
3) a
4) d
5) c
6) d
7) c


Test too hard? Try going back to what you learned in Lessons 34 – 41 to figure out what went wrong.

Ready to move on? How about going directly to Lessons 42 – 50, or checking out Lesson 42.

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