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In the list of vocabulary in our first twenty five lessons, you can find a “Conjugate” button next to each verb and adjective. By clicking on this button, you can quickly see how that word changes as a result of adding any grammatical principle. For example, by clicking the button beside “쉽다” in Lesson 7, the following information will pop up:

~아/어 (Lessons 5 and 6) 쉬워
~ㄴ/은 (Lesson 4) 쉬운
~ㄴ/는다 (Lesson 5)
~ㅂ/습니다 (Lesson 6) 쉽습니다
~ㄹ/을 (Lesson 9 and 26) 쉬울
~니 (Lesson 21) 쉽니
~ㅁ/음 (Lesson 29) 쉬움
~(으)려니 쉬우려니
~(으)시 (Lesson 39) 쉬우시
~(으)면 (Lesson 43) 쉬우면
~(으)니 (Lesson 81) 쉬우니

You can learn how to apply this information by checking out this page.

Cool, eh?!