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HowtoStudyKorean Mobile App How-to

Through our app, in addition to being able to read our lessons offline, you get access to the Practice tab. Here, you can practice the vocabulary and sentences within a lesson by many methods:

  • Translate to English by looking at Korean words
  • Translate to Korean by looking at English words
  • Translate to English by hearing Korean words
  • Distinguish Korean words by sound

You have the ability to choose the way in which you want to answer. While doing any of the following, you can:

  • Answer via multiple choice with either 5 or 10 options
  • Writing your response
  • Or simply “in your head,” which allows you to just think about the answer and then proceeding to the next prompt

All of this, plus enhanced abilities like tracking your statistics and being able to see all of the vocabulary and sentences with one click!


The app wouldn’t be anything unless you also had the ability to read our lessons within it. In our app, you will have access to our lessons, designed to look nice on your mobile device. Below, you can see that the mobile app offers the same functionalities as the desktop version, as you can hear voice recordings, see information above vocabulary entries and even press the “conjugate” button.


The Practice tab is the game changer of this app. Take control of your learning by practicing what you need most! For example, are you relatively strong in reading, but need to increase your listening skills? You can decide to practice by “Translating by hearing Korean words,” and you can select how you want to respond. You have the power to practice what you want, when you want! As you can see, these Practice sessions are organized by vocabulary (or even sentences!) in a lesson, but you can decide to be prompted on content in previous lessons as well.

Vocabulary and Sentences

By pressing the “Vocabulary” tab, you can quickly see the list of words from any particular lesson. Within this, you can decide to turn off the translation, and also press the light-bulb to see more information about that word. You also have the ability to quickly see all of the example sentences from any particular lesson!