Unit 1 “Everything” Sale

As of April 5th, we are running a sale on all of our Unit 1 products! For a limited time, we are offering our Unit 1 PDF, all of our Unit 1 Workbooks, and all of our Unit 1 Vocabulary Lists in a bundle for a total of $25 (savings of $15 when purchased individually). If you want to really dive deep into your Korean studies, now is your chance!

The bundle will include the following:

Unit 1 PDF
Unit 1 Workbooks
Unit 1 Vocabulary Lists

The material provided should take about 6-8 months to complete (provided you spend at least 2-3 hours per day studying) – and I guarantee that the content is better than any textbook you will find in any bookstore!

BuynowpIf you don’t like paying through Paypal, and you live in Korea, you could also send us the funds directly. E-mail us at howtostudykorean@gmail.com for more information.

If you would like to learn more about why we are doing this, click here.